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Friday, 27-Feb-2009 19:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Last day in ADB

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Well, it's sayonara to all. Had a very good time in ADB, especially getting to know friends from different countries and background.

Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009 15:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mall Hopping in Makati City and Fort Santiago in Intramuros

Outside Greenbelt
Only odd numbers of bulbs will make it balanced.. huh?
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Got the chance to visit some shopping malls during the weekend. On Saturday, went with friends to Greenbelt Shopping Mall in Makati City. Then, we visited Fort Santiago in Intramuros. Only on our way to Intramuros we could see the true colors of Manila.

Sunday, 8-Feb-2009 14:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eat out in Manila

It's seaweed.. crunchy, I would say..
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A dinner guided by 2 friends from Manila... tasty seafood menu... 3 kilos of crab, 3 kilos of shrimp, etc... stuffed and full...

Friday, 10-Oct-2008 15:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Baby Jiha

Ow seksi
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My daughter is now 3 months old, about 6.2 kilogram. Tall, praying that she will be the tallest woman in the world, cewah. She likes kicking, so praying she will be the fastest swimmer in the world. She likes talking with people, and enjoys people talking to her, praying that she will be the First Lady way better than Hillary Kelentong, Sarah Paling or Lola Bush.

Jihah, Ma Abah praying for you to be the best in everything. Not excellent or perfect but a good person.

Happy to see Jihah is getting bigger and taller, even a 9-month baby looks smaller than our Baby Jihah. I like calling her Baby Jihah or simply Gee (mcm poziah latip la kekonon, praying my baby can sing nice songs for the world, hola!)...

Thursday, 26-Jun-2008 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Farah Naajihah

2hr 1min old Jihah
3-hour-old: Small finger
almost a week: yawning
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Farah Naajihah bintu Abdul Mui'zz

Hehe, kelakar la bunyi ada binti nih... tak biasa den... anyway, our cute daughter lahir pada 26 Jun 2008 pukul 5 petang... berat 3.6 kg... 2 hari je lebih awal dari expected date... after almost 12 hours of waiting, bukak 7 cm pastu kecik balik 4 cm, so terpaksa pilih C-sec atas nasihat doc... won't foget that morning before subuh, was watching euro (Germany was playing, and won the semi-final!)... then Jihah kata nak kuar, terus subuh di hospital...

Sekarang, after almost 2 months, she's now 5.3 kg... btw, we call her Jiha @ Jihah... 17 Ogos cukur, sekarang lagi la comel dan bulat hehe...

Really cute! Big eyes like zaujah... making both zaujati (my wife) and binti (my daughter) kawaii a.k.a. cun a.k.a. comel

:: Jihah masa dalam perut (1cm = 1st month) ::

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